Vigilance, Inc.
ISSUES WE COVER INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

Freedom of Speech vs Censorship

The Uniqueness of America's First Amendment's Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Expression as a human right

Islamist stifling of speech

Hate Speech laws

"hate group" legislation in the U.S.

Motion 103 - anti-Islamophobia motion in Canada, stifling free speech

Censorship on College Campuses


Non-violent radical Islam infiltrating the West 

Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America

Council on American Islamic Relations: lawfare, intimidation, undermining American national security  

Lawfare and increased Litigation to Stifle Free Speech on Islam, Islamic Terrorism and related topics

Libel Tourism, Rachel's Law and The Speech Act

Organization of Islamic Cooperation's "Defamation of Religions" UN Resolutions 

Freedom of Opinion and Expression - Resolution adopted in the United Nations Human Rights Council

Resolution 16/18: To Combat Intolerance Based on Religion or Belief

The Istanbul Process

Canadian Human Rights Councils' Censorship of speech on Islam-related topics

Quebec Bill 59

 The US government agencies cleansing the lexicon of Islamic terrorism critical to winning the War on Terror, ignoring the threat doctrine

National Security Strategy Memo - deleting language related to Islamic terrorism, despite its threat to national security

UK Government Bans people as a means of speech censorship on the topic of radical Islam

UN Declaration of Human Rights vs. the CAIRO Declaration of Islamic Human Rights

Human Rights Violations Under Sharia Law

Israel: fighting the same enemy

Blasphemy laws in the Middle East

Persecution of Christians and other religious minorities under Sharia Law

Discrimination against Women under Sharia Law

Abuse of children under Sharia Law

Terrorism as a form of Censorship

The relationship of Censorship to Tyranny

The role of the Media in Islamic Terrorism

The Enemy Threat Doctrine

The History of Islam

Sharia Law vs the U.S. Constitution

Saudi Arabia:  Friend or Foe?