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SPEECHES: Please note this is only a partial listing. Google my name and Free Speech or my name and Sharia for more info.

My speech at CPAC 2018 on Islamist Censorship and European Hate Speech Laws:

Excerpt on Free speech at conference on Motion 103:

Motion 103 Conference: Lead speech: Sept. 2017: Jamie Glazov (FrontPage Magazine) retaped it and posted

Free Speech Under Fire: Launch Event at Center for Security Policy: 

 The Deborah Weiss Moment: Ballet Jihad (produced by the Glazov Gang):

**5 minute video for "The Organization of Islamic Cooperation's Jihad on Free Speech" produced by Center for Security Policy:

2015 Speech in Canada:  Part 1:
2015 Speech in Canada:  Part 2:

**2015 Speech in Canada:  Part 3:

**2015 Speech in Canada:  Q&A:

20 minute speech on Islamist influence in Hollywood: National Press Club event, America's Survival:

**25 minute speech on Muslim Brotherhood front groups/CAIR re: stifling freedom of speech and intimidating businesses:

**10 minute speech at the David Horowitz Freedom Center:

**15 minute speech on the Istanbul Process at EMET:

24 minute speech at EMET's September 11th event, 2011:

30 minute speech for Act! for America March 2013 Webinar:

10 minute speech on "The Uninvited Panel" adjacent to CPAC  (worth seeing whole panel, but I start at 39 minute mark)

35 Minute speech at the Westminster Institute:

Full Length Speech at The Villages Tea Party: (starts at the 25 minute mark)

Heritage Foundation Panel:  I start at the 12 minute mark:

45 minute speech (it was longer, but some was cut) at the Institute for Religion and Democracy:

RADIO INTERVIEWS of me: (partial listing)
I have done recent interviews on Foxnews Radio, KOGO Radio, Secure Freedom Radio and One America Radio (not posted).

Terrorist attack in Orlando:

Brett Winterble Show: KFMB radio San diego, discussing terrorist attacks in Bangledesh, Israel, Istanbul and Orlando: interview is July 1, 2016:

Overnight America with John Grayson: interview June 30, 2016, discussing Istanbul attack:

Mike Slater Show: KFMB radio San Diego: discussing terrorist attack in Brussels (spring 2016)

**Foxnews Interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro: 1/17/15: 5 minutes

**American Family Radio:  Focal Point with Janet Mefferd, substituting for Bryan Fischer: Segment 2:  The importance of Freedom of speech. The AG's Comments, Bill H.R. 569 to condemn anti-Muslim Rhetoric:

American Family Radio:  Focal point with Janet Mefferd, substituting for Bryan Fischer:  12/30/15:  Segment 1:  OIC and Attorney General's comments: 

**Dr. Michael Brown show: 8/30/15: discussing Islamophobia, the OIC and how the Islamist movement to censor speech effects religious freedom and national security:

Dr. Michael Brown show: 1/22/15:  discussing 9/11 and CAIR (starts at the 55 minute mark)

** Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney:  The OIC, Hebdo, the Obama Administration (starts at 14:35 mark)

The Don Smith Show: 12/20/14: (ISIS, Iran, and pro-Palestinian activism) starts at 1 hr, 4 min, 45 sec on top bar:

**The Final Say with Brett Rappaport: 6/6/14: (on CAIR and Obama's national security and foreign policies generally)

The Don Smith Show 3/29/14: (on CAIR and Freedom of Speech)

The Final Say with Brett Rappaport: 11/21/13: (19 minute interview on the OIC)

The Deborah Pauly Show: 7/15/13: (long interview; starts at 16 minute mark on the OIC)

Fortress of Faith: 10/12/12: (the OIC and UN resolutions to stop criticism of Islam - Part II)

Fortress of Faith: 10/11/12: (the OIC and UN resolutions to stop criticism of Islam - Part I)


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