Vigilance, Inc.

            It is said that freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.  The threat to American freedoms, the American way of life and to life itself did not begin on September 11, 2001.  Nor did it end there.  America is facing an ideological enemy which masks itself as a religion.  Those who adhere to this ideology have been working hard to normalize their extremist views, to obtain preferential treatment, to diminish American freedoms, and infiltrate the United States government.  Those who preach death to America and hatred in their so-called religious institutions, who want their worldview imposed on all Americans, and want to suppress free speech and open debate on this topic, need to be countered. 

            Vigilance! is dedicated to educating the public, national security professionals and human rights advocates on non-violent political Islam that threatens America's freedoms from within.  In order to stem the progress of this radical movement which works incrementally, politically, legally, and legislatively, both formally and informally, national security professionals and the public need to be informed.  Vigilance! is designed to provide information on the goals, motivations, ideology, strategies and tactics of this extremist movement.

            We invite all Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, and others to aid us in our fight to be vigilant and keep America free!   
        *  Please note that Vigilance is in NO WAY alleging that all Muslims adhere to an extremist ideology.  We acknowledge that people of all faiths include freedom loving people.  Nor is it the job of  Vigilance to take a position on whether so-called "radical Muslims" for lack of a better term, hold the proper or improper interpretation of their claimed religion.  That is an internal debate that must take place within the Muslim community.  Instead, Vigilance focuses merely on acknowledging the existence of a political movement that -- rightly or wrongly -- claims to act in the name of the Islamic faith, and the movement's threat to America's political freedoms.